KINE is a platform for decentralized

asset management and a community of

sophisticated crypto investors

Token sale information coming soon

What is KINE?

KINE Platform combines the reliability of smart contracts and efficiency of quantitative strategies to empower traders, investor and portfolio managers in the fast-moving crypto market.


DUO is a dual-class crypto token, that offers fixed income and leveraged capital appreciation. Governed by smart contracts without dealing with centralized counterparties, the income token is an ideal stable token.

Portfolio Analysis

KINE Portfolio aggregates assets from exchanges and wallets, so that users can have consolidated view of their holdings, performance, and risk.

Smart Execution

KINE Trader integrates with centralized and decentralized exchanges. Investors can gain combined market depths and optimised execution strategy with smart order routing.

Trust-less Advisory

Portfolio managers can raise funds and manage portfolios through KINE Custodian: smart contracts designed to receive, hold, and distribute digital assets without centralized intermediary.


  • Orion     Completed

    • Launched portfolio analysis preview at
    • Published technical paper for DUO token.
    • Kickstart development of DUO smart contract.
  • Perseus     Est. Q3 2018

    • DUO: Complete testing and main-net launch.
    • KINE: Public sale starts after DUO product launch.
  • Norma     Est. Q1 2019

    • KINE Portfolio: Redesign and fully support DUO token pricing and analysis.
    • Kickstart testing of active management products on KINE Custodian.
    • Obtain relevant licenses for asset management service.
  • Centaurus     Est. Q4 2019

    • Launch KINE Trader and KINE Custodian.
    • Start testing with investment advisers.
  • Sagittarius     Est. Q2 2020

    • Complete development, testing, and launch for all modules.
    • Start commercial operation of decentralized asset management.

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